Body Envelopments

Also referred to as Body Wraps and Body Masks this Spa ritual begins with an invigorating body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. The all natural floral or marine extracts rich purifying mask is then applied to the whole body to ensure that the skin is soothed and rebalanced. It has anti-septic, skin toning and nourishing properties. This is highly recommended for a full body enhancement of look and feel. Body wraps can whittle your flab quickly, especially if you have an important event to attend in just a few days. They not only remove toxins and reduce cellulite, but also tighten and hydrate the skin.

Variety of masks are used & offered based on your skin type like oily, sensitive or common.

Enhancing Jasmine Body wrap
Sandalwood Body Wrap
Reviving Spiriluna Marine Pack