Frequently Ask Questions

Any of our Spa team members will be happy to discuss our range of therapies with you. We will help you meet your objective which could be to detoxify, energize, improve skin clarity, improve skin tone or just relax. Towards this objective we offer you a wide selection of therapies from around the world delivered to you in our classic “SPABULOUS” style of care and empathy.
Yes. Many Spa therapies complement each other and work very well to produce marked results. Please feel free to ask any member of our spa team to tell you how best to combine therapies for optimal results.
Kindly notify our Spa team at the time of making your spa reservation, else, just prior to your treatment. Please note it is extremely important to advise if you are pregnant, suffer from cardiovascular disorders such as cardiac ailments or high blood pressure, have recently undergone surgery or have any implant or are suffering from skin diseases.
Since most Spa therapies improve blood circulation and use pressure techniques we advise against eating a heavy meal before your treatment. A light snack is appropriate if you are hungry. We do not recommend any intake of alcohol before any Spa therapy.
We have taken great pains to ensure that all of our products are gentle on your skin. Where possible we use marine and plant based products that are tested for safety and are hypoallergenic. Considering the varying skin types we offer different ranges to meet specific objectives.
You may arrive in your street clothes since all of our luxuriously appointed treatment rooms are equipped with changing facilities. We shall offer you the appropriate disposable undergarments and other apparel while enjoying the spa therapies.
Since we respect you modesty and privacy we will always provide you with disposable undergarments where necessary. Please be assured that except the areas of your body that are involved in the therapy, the rest shall be draped at all times.
Our young guests who are between 15 to 18 years of age are permitted to experience selected spa therapies only when a guardian of the same gender accompanies them and agrees to be present in the Spa therapy room throughout the duration of the therapy.
We recommend that you arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment time to give you enough time to relax and to complete a health status questionnaire. This will help you to get into the mood and help us to personalize your spa visit.
If you are running late for your treatment, we will still endeavor to give the best possible experience by shortening your therapy so as to be completed by the designated time booked by you. This is to ensure that the next guest is not delayed or inconvenienced.
We accept cash (Indian Rupees only), all major credit cards and debit cards.
Gratuity is a reflection of your level of satisfaction with our services and hence all gratuities are left solely at your discretion. While gratuities to the tune of 10% of the cost of therapies is typical you are welcome to pay as you think is deserved by your care providers.
By making a reservation with us you have paid for time to relax and rejuvenate. To maximize the value to you please inform your therapist on how comfort during your therapy can be improved; temperature settings, music volume, extent of pressure are some of the customizations possible. We do not permit the use of electronic devices, (including mobile telephones) into the Spa area as these not only detract you from your experience but also interrupt other guests in their enjoyment of the Spa.
Please feel free to speak to our team members who will be glad to assist you in choosing the package and gift certificate most suitable to your needs.