Privacy Policy


Prior appointments are recommended for all services. Last appointments are taken at 9 pm for therapies that last a maximum of 60 minutes and 8.00 pm for therapies that last over 90 mins.

Arrival Time

We ask that you arrive 15 mins prior to your appointment. Please understand that your late arrival will not result in extension of your therapy.


In the event that you are unable to make it to your appointments, we will greatly appreciate if you notify us as far in advance as possible.

Spa Attire

"Spabulous" will provide robes, slippers and any other amenities during the treatment.

Maintenance of Serenity

You are requested to keep your cell phones on silent mode. Smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited while in the spa.

Rights of admission reserved

Spabulous reserves the right to decline to sell and / or discontinue the therapy. The management also reserves the right of admission in to the spa of any client who commits any offence in the spa premises and acts in any manner that is offensive or abusive to the staff or guests. Action will be taken if any harassment is reported against any guests / staff.

Safety & Precautions

Pregnant women are recommended to seek medical advice before engaging in any of the therapy and notify manager of the same. If you are suffering from any ailment that we Should know about, please inform our manager so that appropriate measures are taken during the therapy session.